GloTech™ a jordan based firm aiming to be one of the leaders in the information technology Sector, providing exclusive products and services in human asset and human capital management. GloTech™  family of products facilitates companies to make real-time informed decisions about their businesses.

Since its inception in 2007, GloTech™ is considered one of the primary companies in the MENA region to provide broad HR software modules to cover end-to-end solutions. As well as consulting services that can enable companies to confront complex business challenges head-on.

What sets GloTech™ from other companies is the personalized relationship that it establishes with each client and its continuous revised set of system features that is the outcome of client requirements updates and the changing work environments.

GloTech™ provides a rich suite of modules to enable customers control and manage their human capital, which includes its main HR component GloHR®; the Human Resources Information System, the payroll GloPay® module, GloESS® and GloMSS® the user friendly, web-based Employee and Manager Self Service module, the attendance management module GloATT® and the employee/manager evaluation module GloEVA360®.

All these modules can integrate seamlessly or can work independently based on the scale of implementation and required scope. The outcome is an efficient, customized solution that not only serves the customer demands or the employee needs but can fit the legal and logistic aspects of the country. Also, it can cut down the costs and time needed for the information transmission between the different parties that contribute to the employee financial transactions to include automatic Salary issuance to the Bank, connection to Social Security and Income Tax attributes.

Since we are the creators of our software, we are confident and capable of updating, and customizing our solutions to better suite the business needs of our clients. We have the expertise to collect and analyze business requirements and the right set of tools to translate these requirements into added value features.

We have expert consultants in the areas of HR and Project Management that work hand in hand with the customer to help visualize and translate their strategic visions into business requirements that could be executed based on industry standards.


To become market leaders - on a global level - providing state of the art and influential solutions and services in the field of human asset management.


To establish a strong clientele relations based on our consistent delivery of quality software that is functionally efficient, easy to use, and competitively priced. And to support our customers with first class services that will guarantee customer satisfaction and sustainability.







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