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The primary expectation of your employee is to be paid on time, all the time. GloPAY main function is to provide payroll processing and administration functions that are maintained centrally through the web.
You can use GloPay as a stand-alone payroll solution for your business or integrate it easily with GloHR. GloPay can save you time and money, and can improve your processing accuracy by keeping all financial records up to date.
With GloPay, taxes are electronically filed, calculated and sent eliminating the administrative errors resulting from the manual processing.
Details such as income information and deductions can be defined by the end user to ensure that every exception is handled. Not only that, multiple bonus management, additional pay, saving funds, time attendance data and much more are some of GloPay features.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive employee personal file
  • Leave & vacation management
  • Organizational Management and Salary Scales Definition
  • Additional salaries and Overtime Definition
  • Employee financial and tax management
  • Automatic Salary and Income calculations
  • Loans management
  • End of Service Indemnity and Service Termination
  • Employee Compensation and Benefits
  • Health insurance and Social Security Management
  • Saving Funds Definition
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